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SPA-01 Aviator Clear Lens Glasses Gold Clear

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- Timeless Aviator Style that helps you to make a trendy, masculine fashion statement, every time! - High Quality, thin Metal Frames for a...
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- Timeless Aviator Style that helps you to make a trendy, masculine fashion statement, every time!

- High Quality, thin Metal Frames for a chic look and feel.

- Clear Polycarbonate Lens to protect your eyes from the elements.

- Extremely Lightweight yet Durable to stand the test of time.

- Available in 3 Classic Colors that'll definitely go with whatever you decide to wear.

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Stylish eyewear has always been a fashion staple, which is why there are so many to choose from in the market. How do you know which one is the best fit for you? For starters, a great pair of fashion glasses is easy to coordinate with any ensemble you pull out for your wardrobe. SIPU has a fine collection of trendy eyewear, including these chic Aviator-style specs. The frame is thin and not heavily embellished, allowing ease of coordination with your outfit of the day. 

The thin structure of the fashion glasses’ frame does not compromise its sturdiness, as it is made entirely of metal. The lens, while lightweight, is also durable, as they are made of polycarbonate—the same material used in aerospace helmet visors, motorcycle windshields, swimming goggles and diving masks, and even safety glasses. So not only are these glasses a real fashion statement, they’re also a great way to protect your eyes from the harsh elements in our environment. That’s like hitting two birds with one style stone! 

The rims on these fashion glasses from SIPU, also come in three colors—gold, silver and black. Since these are classic tones, you won’t have to worry about whether they’ll go with what you’re wearing, or if they’re appropriate for the occasion. You can choose to wear any of the three colors at the office, whether it be during an important meeting with the higher-ups, or at a staff pow-wow right at the top of the day. If you’re going to a formal event and thinking of sporting all-gold accessories, go for the gold-framed fashion glasses. You can be a bit adventurous and break the monotony with the silver frame. If you’re going for an afternoon jog or just heading to the corner store, try the black frame for a more casual look.

These fashion glasses suit any face shape, too. Dimension-wise, each lens is 63mm wide, while the nose pad is 14mm. That puts the total width at 139mm. The temple length is 136mm and the lens height is 55mm. If you feel you’ve got a real eye for style, then these are the glasses for you.

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